MacHacha 4.0

Simple tool to split files into smaller parts


  • Handles a large variety of file types
  • Supports Apple Scripts
  • Just drag and drop to start


  • No GUI makes for novice users

Not bad

Splitting large files can be useful for a variety of reasons. It can be just to save disk space but sometimes it's necessary - try copying a file bigger than 4GB to a an external FAT32 formatted drive and you'll see what I mean.

MacHacha is a simple tool that allows you to split all kinds of files with the minimum of fuss. If you usually download large movie files, it's particularly useful for storage reasons. Alternatively, MacHacha can be used to split any kind of file fore storing on separate media or just for editing purposes in iMovie. You can share your documents even if your friends doesn't own a Macintosh.

MacHacha doesn't have any kind of GUI so it's just a case of dragging and dropping your files into it's icon to get going. If you don't want to be at your Mac to do this, you can automate your own projects such as lining several files with a script, as MacHacha supports AppleScripting. However, obviously most novice users won't be able to do this so you'll need to be a little bit above average in your tech skills to get the most out of MacHacha.

MacHacha is a very simple application for all those that need to split files but don't need a flashy interface to do so.



MacHacha 4.0

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